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I Am Enough

Harper Collins, 2018

#1 New Times Bestselling Children's book!

My first published children's book, written by Grace Byers. 

Two years after it was released "I Am Enough" made it to number ONE on the NYT Bestsellers List! I honestly cannot believe it. I knew when Grace chose me to illustrate this book that it would have a profound affect on me and anyone who embraced its message. Never did I imagine that it would be SO many people, especially at a time when systemic change and the eradication of racism is needed…where better to start than at home. Identifying that the world is a diverse place and how important it is that the books we read reflect that. I will always feel optimistic about the future because no matter how difficult things are currently, I have hope that the future generations will be better than us.

Please purchase all of my books from your local bookstore. They need our support more than Amazon or Target does during these times.


HERE  is a list of local booksellers all over the country!

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